Rennes and Saint-MaloRennes and Saint-Malo

Greater Rennes

The District Council includes 37 towns and villages i.e. a population of more than 400,000.

Rennes Métropole is the Park's prime contractor. It votes on the grant to the Rennes Atalante Association and decides on improvements and investments for Park sites.

A young dynamic population

Rennes has a population of 212,500 including almost 58,000 students (30% of the total population). This high proportion of young people ensures that the city's cultural life is particularly dynamic.

Saint-Malo Agglomération

The District Council of Saint-Malo includes 18 towns and villages i.e. a population of 80,000.

Saint-Malo Agglomération finances the creation of the Rennes Atalante Saint Malo park site as well as the « hôtel de la technopole », a business incubator, which welcomes young technology companies.

They also provide funding for the functioning of the Rennes Atalante association.

Saint-Malo, an international scientific congress centre

The "Palais du Grand large of Saint-Malo" is a conference centre located on the sea side and also in the town centre. Every year, it welcomes between 120 and 150 events i.e. more than 110,000 visitors.

Most of events are international, and they make possible researchers and doctors to meet in a convival place, where facilities, rooms and services have been seriously studied to meet their needs.

Balanced development and great quality of life

Rennes, the capital of Brittany, combines the advantages of a major city with those of a smaller town with a more human face. It is a modern urban community, stimulating development while guaranteeing a pleasant lifestyle that reflects its past and is an integral part of its own, special identity.

Intelligent expansion has enabled it to achieve strong population growth without destroying its essential balance (town, country, economic activities).

Its beautiful squares, timbered houses, pedestrian streets and dynamic approach to life make this a particularly attractive place to live.

Rennes is the smaller city of the world, that has a subway.

Rennes has an unemployment rate far below the national average, with low pollution and low crime figures.

Thanks to the picturesque countryside, the proximity to the sea and the local leisure amenities, the city provides a particularly attractive environment. Located in the heart of Western France, Rennes is less than ninety minutes from Saint-Malo, Mont Saint-Michel, the Morbihan Gulf, La Baule etc.

Linking to Paris in less than 3 hours thanks to the high-speed rail link (“TGV”), Saint-Malo attracts those who want to combine business with a quality lifestyle.

Saint-Malo is a leading tourist destination, which has also an international conference centre.

A bustling cultural scene

The effervescent local arts scene is obvious every day in numerous venues, reflecting a cultural richness that combines regional traditions and a more modern approach. The city's cultural amenities provide for a wide range of quality innovative or traditional events whose success stretches far beyond the region itself e.g.

  • Les Transmusicales, a music festival designed to introduce new talents.
  • Les Tombées de la Nuit, a varied cultural festival with venues all over the city (music, song, dance, drama, mime, folktales etc).
  • Travelling, a film festival that aims to describe a particular culture through films relating to a foreign town.
  • Quai des bulles, a famous comic strip festival,
  • Etonnants voyageurs in Saint-Malo, a travel book festival,
  • La Route du Rhum, a famous transatlantic yatch race starting from Saint-Malo,
  • La Route du Rock au fort Saint-Père, a pop-rock musik festival.

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