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Orange Labs, Rennes Atalante Beaulieu

" As a result of the work carried out in our research centre in Rennes (550 staff) and its involvement in numerous European and international research programmes, we have become one of the driving forces in the Imaging & Network competitiveness cluster. "

Vincent Marcatté, adviser to the R&D executive director of Orange Labs and president of the Imaging & Network cluster

Technicolor, Rennes Atalante Beaulieu

" Our research centre in Rennes, the group’s largest with 500 staff, has the advantage of a high-level technological environment. Our research teams are working mainly on 3D contents and technologies, and on the testing of immersion in an image for communication industries, the media and the entertainment sector. "

Gary Donnan, vice-president of Technicolor research

AES Chemunex, Rennes Atalante Ker Lann

" From our base in Rennes, we are now developing our business in the international market (Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Asia and America). Our strategy focuses on innovation with on-going investment in research (8 to 10% of turnover) and shareholdings in companies specialising in biotechnologies used for diagnostic purposes. "

Nadia Le Den, Business Development Manager of AES Chemunex

Biotrial, Rennes Atalante Villejean

" Set up with the support of University of Rennes researchers, it has taken Biotrial, which specialises in initial human trials of the pharmaceuticals of the future, just twenty years to become one of Europe’s leading companies for clinical pharmacology. In fact, we now work with 10 of the world’s 12 pharmaceuticals groups. "

Jean-Marc Gandon, CEO of Biotrial

Laboratoires Goëmar, Atalante Saint-Malo

" For a specialist in marine biotechnologies, there is no better place to be than Saint-Malo. Proximity to the sea is one of the factors in the development of our well-known expertise in the optimisation of biological active principles to improve human and plant health. "

Simon Bertaud, CEO of Laboratoires Goëmar

Artefacto, Rennes

"Our company finds countless opportunities for cooperative research projects with other stakeholders in the Imaging & Networks cluster, leading to the development of our applications. The quality of the lifestyle in Rennes is also an advantage for all the staff at Artefacto.

Valérie Cottereau, CEO of Artefacto