Experiment with Rennes Saint-Malo Lab !Experiment with Rennes Saint-Malo Lab !

Created on the initiative of Rennes Métropole, joined by Saint-Malo AgglomérationRennes St Malo Lab aims at organizing innovative solutions on territories of Rennes and Saint-Malo cities.

  • To answer the innovative start-up and firms which are looking for a « territory » to test their products and services in a real world environment, before their commercialisation.
  • To care for regional governments and public institutions (hospitals, secondary schools, administrations…) in their innovation axis to improve the quality of the services provided to users.
  • To position Rennes and Saint-Malo like a Living Lab.


Why experiment ?

Experimentation is a key stage in the innovation chain, it allows :

  • To compare in situation, results achieved in R&D to the real conditions of use
  • To improve technical proposals
  • To adapt technologies
  • To measure the acceptability by getting feedback about real experiences lived by users concerning the innovations proposed
  • To test the economic model

Experiment, is optimising the economic success of your innovations !

Rennes Atalante support

  • Rennes Atalante helps the firm in the formalisation of its project, the identification of trial « territory », but also in the implementation of necessary conditions to experiment.
  • Rennes Atalante accompanies the regional environment and public institution services in the research and the deployment of innovative solutions able to improve their internal workings or the quality of the services provided to users.



The financing of experimentations

Rennes Métropole and Saint-Malo Agglomération have created and financed a refundable advance fund to support the firm in its experimentation. This fund, managed by Rennes Atalante, can be mobilised if the firm is set up on one of the two cities; it takes place in addition to the financing brought by this one.

Four partners have already join the initiative and abound this fund too :


They have already experimented !

  •  Astydème with the town council of Mordelles : experimentation of an automatic video recording solution of local councils and live transmission or in podcast on Internet.
    The experimentation allowed Astydème to modify its device to stabilise cameras and adapt its economic model to make it compatible with small municipalities budget.

  • Excense with "Territoires", which coordinates layout and construction projects in Rennes Metropole : experimentation of a dialogue and animation software solution coupled with a big touch device for the animation of projects and creative working groups, for brainstorming and more generally for the animation of meetings in a collaborative context and around the ViaSilva project.

  • Familéo with 7 Ehpad rennais : experimentation of a mobile app allowing the social upholding between families and Ehpad residents.



Frédéric Pauly
Experimentation Project Manager
Tél. 06 09 79 42 97

Fil Twitter : @RSMLab

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