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 Speed up your creation project : StartMeUp 

  • Selection by a committee on accreditation
  • 3 months
  • 4.5 training days / 3 personalised appointments
  • Network             

Consolidate your project and create your start-up : Emergys

  • Selection by an expert regional committee
  • 24 months
  • 16 training days / unlimited appointments
  • Network / additional services

Speed up your development : Essor

  • Selection based on application
  • 12 months
  • External expert coaching in corporate strategy

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The team

Sylvain Coquet, supervisor business hub

Sylvain joined Rennes Atalante in 2000 as an assignment manager inside the business hub; he insures its management since 2010. He started his career as a consultant in the Strategy & Finances department of the consultancy firm SVP, a company in which he has acquired a real experience in strategic analysis and financial engineering. Sylvain is the holder of a master's degree in science of management and a third undergraduate cycle in company finances.


Tél. 02 99 12 73 82 - Linkedin 



                                                      Rachid Nedjar, assignment manager

Rachid joined Rennes Atalante in july 2005. He accompanies innovative firms in their creation process and in their development. He is also referent for the international actions. He started his professional life in the area of foreign direct investments as a multi-sectorial research manager, then as a TIC marketing supervisor for the northwest area of France. He then became a TIC market research manager in Asia. Rachid graduated from a master's degree in economic sciences after experiencing a second year of a master's degree in SMB sciences of management. He completed his university curriculum with a training in software development.


                                                      Tél. 02 99 12 73 88 - Linkedin - Twitter

Michel Tillon, assignment manager

Michel joined Rennes Atalante mid-2011 to accompany projects promoters and raise awareness among students at entrepreneurship, but also to help more mature firms develop and evolve in terms of strategy and organization. Holder of a merchant navy higher education diploma and of an information technology postgraduate diploma for the first part of his career, he then contributed to the creation of the Edixia start-up (Rennes) where he was member of the management committee for 8 years. He was attributed several technical and commercial functions, and then became a development and customer service supervisor.

Tél. 02 99 12 73 88 - Linkedin 


                                                       Sarah Bohuon, assignment manager

Sarah joined the science and technology park in 2010 at the end of her final year as an internship which took place in Rennes Atalante. She graduated from a second year of a master's degree in company management, with a speciality in management of innovative firms, obtained at the Faculty of economics in the University of Rennes 1.
Sarah was recruited for the support of innovative firm's creation. She also participates in many awareness actions and animations, to develop the entrepreneurship spirit, addressed to a student public.

                                                     Tél. 02 99 12 73 88 - 
Linkedin - Twitter


Michel Gad, assignment manager

Michel joined Rennes Atalante end of 2012, to contribute to the development of Atalante Saint-Malo site and support project promoters of the city of Saint-Malo for the TIC and biotechnologies sectors. Michel began his career in Canon France as a marketing research manager, then as a sales engineer. He then incorporated Ubisoft as a project manager, then joined Guillemot as a marketing product supervisor. Michel joined the Meito in 2006, to work on the networks of different companies and research laboratories of the TIC sector in Brittany. Michel graduated from a master's degree in economic sciences, with a speciality in financial management, a marketing postgraduate degree and an information technology postgraduate diploma.

Tél. 02 99 12 73 82 - Linkedin  

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