Rennes Atalante ChampeauxRennes Atalante Champeaux

A site to set up companies of food-processing and environment sectors in the heart of the France's 2nd largest centre for courses in agricultural engineering and relating to the food industry.

Location: near the agricultural engineering campus (west of Rennes)

Area: 20 hectares

You will find:

  • 18 companies (1 017 staff),
  • 25 teaching and research laboratories (Ensar/Insfa, Inra),
  • an agricultural engineering campus of 850 students,
  • numerous scientific skills in environment, agricultural engineering and food-processing sectors,
  • a pilot installation used for the concentration, evaporation and drying of food products,
  • a technology pilot plant for dairy industry,
  • a sensory analysis laboratory,
  • an analytical platform (analysis of biochemistry, microbiology physics),
  • 1 business incubator (Nucléole).

Detailed presentation of the park site and aerial view.



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