Rennes Atalante VillejeanRennes Atalante Villejean

A site to set up companies of the medical technology sector in the heart of a teaching hospital complex and university campus of 13,500 people

Location: near the teaching hospital complex and university campus (north-west of Rennes)

Area: 10 hectares

You will find:

  • 11 companies (556 staff),
  • 6,500 students in the medical sector,
  • 780 graduated engineers and Ph.Ds. per year in health sciences,
  • numerous scientific skills within 20 research units,
  • a biological resources centre,
  • a clinical investigation centre,
  • a unique set of technical platforms (imaging, transcriptomics, proteomics, supercomputer...),
  • private rental premises.

Detailed presentation of the park site and aerial view.



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