Assisting technology company start-ups

Rennes Atalante helps new company managers to structure their projects (key stages) and ensures project coherence through overall project monitoring. It provides assistance for new corporate leaders throughout the start-up phase and introduces them into the Park network.

Leading the park network

Rennes Atalante introduces a sense of common purpose between the scientific community and the world of industry and finance. It ensures contact between all those present in the Park by organising conferences, setting up working parties or providing information media services.

"Les Matinales de Rennes Atalante", monthly breakfasts on a theme, usually attract some one hundred people (companies, higher education and research, local agencies and institutions, structures providing support for innovation etc). At the beginning of each "Matinale", we give a young company a chance to describe its activity.

Rennes Atalante Infos, a bimonthly letter with a circulation of 4,500 provides news and information about companies in the Park, innovations, training courses, conferences etc.

Promoting the Park in France and abroad

Rennes Atalante is helping to increase awareness of the Park and the people who work there by taking part in special events and organising PR actions.

Seminars, conferences and exhibitions in which Rennes Atalante takes part (e.g. Mobile World Congress, IP Convergence, Eurobio, In-Cosmetics, Les Journées de la création d'entreprises) are designed to highlight the Park's centres of excellence in fields such as telecommunications, food-processing, health, biotechnologies and the environment.

A French/English website places the Park on the international stage, with the companies that operate there. It enjoys excellent referencing and, on average, receives more than 12,000 visitors every month.

A national advertising campaign highlighting telecommunications is scheduled annually in Le Monde, Les Echos and La Tribune. This makes a major contribution to national awareness of Rennes Atalante in this sector of activity.

 Excellent press relations ensure coverage at local and national level, focussing specifically on companies and, more generally, on economic aspects of the technology sector. This coverage provides numerous results (356 articles in 2009) in a variety of media (132 different outlets).

 Numerous publications highlight the quality of the Park and its companies (general and sector-based booklets, theme-based technical brochures etc).

Welcoming technology companies

Rennes Atalante welcomes companies searching for a corporate development location in the West of France. Whether French or not, such companies are frequently attracted by the scientific and technological potential in Ille-et-Vilaine area.

The Association introduces you into its Park network. It also provides guidance or puts you in contact with the people best-suited to your particular needs.

For further information, go in Welcoming technology companies pages.

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