Cailabs raises €5 millionCailabs raises €5 million


Cailabs raises €5 million

mercredi 30 août 2017

Jean-François Morizur is Chairman and CEO of Cailabs

For the third time, Cailabs, the Rennes-based start-up, is raising new investment capital, this time to the tune of €5 million. The fund raising call is being conducted by Safran Corporate Ventures, along with Innovacom and Starquest Capital, the company’s initial investors, which means that Cailabs will have raised a total of €8.6 million since its foundation.

Cailabs intends to consolidate its industrial and commercial development. After sales growth of +160% in 2016, 2017 is set to be another fabulous year, both in the telecoms sector, with the accelerating deployment of the company’s local networks, and in its industrial partnerships in areas other than telecommunications. The new funds will allow the company to find the resources, and in particular the people, it needs to move from the start-up phase to full deployment. Cailabs currently employs 25 staff in Rennes, and will be taking on 11 more by the end of 2017.

Cailabs was founded in 2013, and has built its reputation in the telecoms sector thanks to its high end light shaping technology, used to optimize optical fibre performance. Cailabs can guarantee up to 400 times existing fibre data flow rates. The technology has already been adopted by the leading telecoms players such as Huawei, IBM, Nokia or KDDI, and is installed in LANs in production plants, offices, university campuses, hospitals, and even ski resorts!

"The capital we have raised will give us the extra resources we need to grow even faster in local area networks, both in France and internationally", adds Jean-François Morizur, Chairman and CEO and co-founder of Cailabs.

Outside the telecoms sector, 2017 has seen Cailabs conclude integration partnerships with key industrial players in areas such as lithography (microchip production), additive layer manufacturing and laser welding. "These partnerships mean we can maximise the impact of Cailabs’ high end technology. In 2017, we are reaping the benefits of the forward-looking partnership we signed in 2015 with Safran Electrical & Power to develop a new aeronautical cabling architecture", Jean-François Morizur explains. - @CAILabs
ContactJean-François MORIZUR - Tél : +33 (0) 6 21 62 35 06
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