Dolmen Technologies launches its international developmentDolmen Technologies launches its international development

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Dolmen Technologies launches its international development

mercredi 20 janvier 2016
Dolmen Technologies

David Godest, CEO of Dolmen Technologies, set the business up in 2011 after working as Digital Director for Yves Rocher. (© Dolmen Technologies)

Dolmen Technologies, which provides local digital marketing solutions for supermarket chains, intends to expand into the European market in 2016.

Already well-established in France, the start-up’s client base includes leading supermarket names such as Carrefour, Leclerc, Cora, Auchan and Les Magasins U. Now, it intends to expand into Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK to create a position for itself as market leader in Europe in this sector before the arrival of other players.

Dolmen Technologies uses and collects client data at points of sale using touch-sensitive tablets. It then collates the data to analyse purchasing behaviours before using its client knowledge to target and personalise communications, tailoring them to the target group of consumers. The solution is unusual because it is local, providing a means of increasing customer loyalty by attracting clients back to the store. In Rennes the Hello Shop app was tested last October at the Grand Quartier shopping mall.

Set up in 2011 by David Godest, formerly Digital Director with Yves Rocher, and managed by former managerial executives from the same group, Dolmen Technologies doubled its work force in 2015 and now employs 50 people. Next year, it wants to double its work force again and it is aiming at 150% growth in 2016.

To cater for its rapidly-increasing work force, the company recently moved into 600 sq. metres of office space in Saint-Grégoire but it will very soon be adding further premises, taking its total to 1,200 sq. metres. It also has offices in Paris and Bordeaux, with a total of 10 staff. - @dolmentech
ContactDavid Godest - Tél : +33 (0)2 99 12 15 75
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