Optinvent builds optical projection systemsOptinvent builds optical projection systems

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Optinvent builds optical projection systems

mardi 7 août 2007

Kayvan Mirza and Khaled Sarayeddine set up the Optinvent company in February 2007, based on the Projection Optics work developed within the Thomson Group. Kayvan Mirza headed the Microdisplay work at the head office in the Paris Basin and Khaled Sarayeddine managed the Optics work at Thomson R&D France on Rennes Atalante Beaulieu.
Optinvent designs and markets optical projection systems that use microdisplays or electronic display slides. The primary application of such systems is the consumer market for overhead projection TV sets. The advantage of the technology proposed by Optinvent is a significant reduction in the depth and projection of the cabinet, which is similar to a flat screen but costs only half as much as LCD and plasma equivalents.
Optinvent’s products are designed for the professional, military and avionics markets. The systems can, for example, be used as projectors for flight simulators or helmet-mounted sights.
The company intends to move to Rennes Atalante Beaulieu at the end of 2007 and is expected to recruit four staff by the end of 2008. Optinvent has been receiving assistance in economic and financial aspects from Rennes Atalante since the very beginning of the project.

Contact : Khaled Sarayeddine - Tel. 06 64 44 66 96


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