Syrlinks launches My-AIS, the world's smallest marine emergency beaconSyrlinks launches My-AIS, the world's smallest marine emergency beacon

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Syrlinks launches My-AIS, the world's smallest marine emergency beacon

mercredi 7 juin 2017

Under its Simy retail brand, Syrlinks has developed an emergency beacon especially designed for recreational boater safety. This cutting-edge, lightweight beacon (only 95g) is said to be the world’s smallest, taking up less space than a mobile phone. Its extra-compact design means it can fit into any type of life-jacket.

Its emergency signal has a range of 5 to 10 nautical miles, depending on sea conditions. Once activated, the My-AIS beacon transmits the GPS coordinates of the person in distress via VHF radio waves. Any vessels or coastal stations within range will instantly be informed of the emergency and the sender’s whereabouts. They can then come to the rescue within the shortest possible time.

Syrlinks is based in Cesson-Sévigné, near Rennes, and designs cutting edge technologies in the field of personal safety systems and space communications. Its systems are currently deployed on hundreds of satellites and have been used in many space exploration missions such as Rosetta, where the Philae robot lander was sent to explore the comet Chury. The company also strongly believes in the development of the recreational boating market, with 4 million regular boaters in France and 87 million in the United States. - @Syrlinks
ContactCyril Boissy - Tél : +(33) (0)2 99 00 94 49
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